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The Science Behind Car Coating

How can coating achieve something which the normal paint fails to do? The reasoning behind it is science.

Every coating is applied on top of the car paint. This makes it  the car essentially has a second skin on top of it. This second skin is more durable, beautiful and better in every way possible compared to stock paint. The method of the coating sticking to paint is different for each case. 

What Is Ceramic Coating? 

Its a layer on top of your already existing car paint which sacrifices itself to ensure the paint stays clean and unharmed. It comes in a small bottle of 30 ml( yes 30 I didn’t miss a 0 there) and is all that is needed. There must be two questions on your mind right now how come a bottle of 30ml liquid will cover my entire car and how is it better than my paint coated car which takes liters.

Fabric Protection

Helps to protect fabric from fraying/damages due to daily use.

Fabrics and carpets will retain a new look appearance as Fortron Fabric Protector will help to prevent matting and gathering of material fibers.

Eliminates costly and inconvenient clean-ups.

Ceramic Paint Protection & Paint Protection

Paint Protection

The base component of the paint protection is Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). This component is mainly used to make surfaces non-sticky.

paint protection is highly effective as far as protection from rust is concerned. It enhances gloss and keeps minor scratches at bay.               

paint protection works like synthetic wax protection on the paint.

A properly done paint protection has a thickness of 0.02 microns.

paint protection is pocket friendly. This is probably the cheapest form of paint protection you can give to your car.

At best, the paint protection can last between 2 to 3.

Ceramic Coating

The base component of the Ceramic coating is Silicon Dioxide (SiO2). This component is responsible for making surfaces shiny together with providing a protective layer.

Ceramic coating adds a hydrophobic layer on the car’s paint. This is very effective in protecting the paint from oxidation, UV rays, and scratches.

Ceramic coating is an extra layer of protection over the paint’s clear coat. Expect a higher level of aesthetic appeal.

The thickness of Ceramic Coating can vary between 0.5 microns to 5 microns. A properly done Ceramic coating has an average thickness of 2 microns.

Ceramic coating is expensive as compared to paint protection. However, the extra cost is justified by the level of protection and durability that Ceramic coating offers.

On an average, Ceramic coating lasts up to 3 to 5 years. It can be even more durable if applied in a proper way.


Product Properties

Hardness Level

3 Layers of coating

5 years Warranty

Extensive product testing
carried out

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